About Craftypups

Craftypups are Neil and Rachael, a husband and wife team based in Glasgow, designing and making handmade wooden gifts and homeware since 2019. It began with Neil making carved coasters gifts for family and friends, and then we got our first laser and haven't looked back! Coasters, keyrings, bottle openers, mugs and more, we're always creating new designs, often with a sense of humour or a Scottish twist. We specialise in personalisation to make that gift extra special, and all our products have free UK shipping.

A question we're frequently asked is why we settled on the name "Craftypups". It might not make sense at first, but after going through an exhaustive list of innuendo-laden bad puns, we decided it was the safest option. The "Crafty" is pretty self-explanatory, and the "pups" is a little more personal to us ... after meeting at an indoor climbing centre, we had a running joke that when your leg was going round and round in mid-air, desperately hoping to land your foot on a hold, it was like a puppy's leg when being tickled! So our pet name for each other has been "pup" since then. Oh, and we love dogs, looking after them for others from time to time.



Rachael handles the business and commercial side of Craftypups, liaising with vendors and helping customers, but she also brings her artistic talents into our ideas and spends a lot of time in the workshop making our products!




Neil is the creative drive behind Craftypups, having always enjoyed woodwork as a hobby. The Scottish side of our product range is all his work, along with all the original designs, sourcing materials and utilising his CAD skills!