About Us

Rachael handles the business and commercial side of Craftypups, liaising with vendors and helping customers, but she also brings her artistic talents into our ideas and finishes off our products ready for sale. She's the one putting the craftypups stickers on the boxes!


Brodie only stayed with us for a short time but he had a lasting effect, to put it mildly! We'd spent ages discussing a name for our product range, and when we were laughing about his antics one day, inspiration struck! Brodie is the original crafty pup behind our name, and he's still getting into trouble (and there's a lot of it) and giving a lot of joy to his owners. This picture was taken shortly after he met with our garden hose .. one of our favourites!


Neil is the creative drive behind craftypups, having always enjoyed woodwork as a hobby. He made some coasters for our home as a starting point, then made gifts for friends and family. We got so many positive comments we decided to set up in business, and craftypups was born!