About Craftypups

Craftypups are Neil and Rachael, a husband and wife team based in Glasgow, designing and making handmade wooden gifts and homeware. The idea for our business came when Neil made some coasters using a carving machine he'd bought as a hobby and everyone who came round loved them and duly received a set for Christmas that year! A request to make some dinosaur bookends for a friend's baby then decided things for us, and we started working on our product range, starting to sell on Facebook on 1st May 2019.
We've since been to a few craft fairs, expanded our website, and also sell our products in four arts and craft shops. We're still at the early days in our business, but we love what we do, and our customers are pretty happy too!
A question we're frequently asked is why we settled on the name "Craftypups". It might not make sense at first, but the "Crafty" is pretty self-explanatory, and the "pups" is a little more personal to us ... we first met at a climbing wall, and as our friendship developed, we climbed together more and more. We had a running joke that when your leg was going round and round in mid-air, desperately hoping to land your foot on a hold, it was like a puppy's leg when the pup's being tickled! So, our pet name for each other has been "pup" for nearly 10 years, we're now running a craft business together so maybe "Craftypups" makes quite a lot of sense!
Oh, and we do love dogs! We can't have any of our own, as Neil is allergic, but there have been a couple of puppies belonging to friends and family, who provide much enjoyment, the original one being Brodie!


Brodie only stayed with us for a short time but he's had a lasting effect, to put it mildly! We'd spent ages discussing a name for our product range, and when we were laughing about his antics one day, it added weight to the rationale behind "Craftypups"! This cute picture was taken shortly after he had a brief encounter with our garden hose .. one of our favourites!

Rachael handles the business and commercial side of Craftypups, liaising with vendors and helping customers, but she also brings her artistic talents into our ideas and finishes off our products ready for sale. She's the one doing the varnishing and putting the Craftypups stickers on the boxes!


Neil is the creative drive behind Craftypups, having always enjoyed woodwork as a hobby. The Scottish side of our product range is all his work, along with all the original designs, utilising his CAD and modelling skills!