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Let’s face it, you really don't want to buy him socks … again! 

Buying gifts for him can be a challenging experience, but once you tap into his interests and preferences, it certainly gets much easier! Here's our guide to helping you buy thoughtful gifts for him.

A few things to consider …

  1. Interests Understanding his hobbies and passions is a good place to start! Whether he's into sports, technology, cooking, literature, or anything else, consider tailoring your gift to what he loves.
  1. Practicality We love practicality here at Craftypups! Many guys appreciate gifts that are practical and useful in their daily lives, so think about items that could make his routines easier, more enjoyable, or just put a smile on his face.
  1. Quality over quantity Instead of opting for several smaller gifts, consider investing in one high-quality item that he'll cherish for years to come. It could be a well-crafted bottle opener, a bespoke mug, or a top-notch hand-crafted gadget (now where you could buy these?).
  1. Personalise it Adding a personal touch can make any gift more meaningful. Consider engraving his initials on a gift or choosing a message that reflects a shared memory; perhaps his career, or an inside joke. Or, you can ask us for a handmade personalised gift 😉
  1. DIY gifts If you're feeling crafty, consider making something yourself. Whether it's a handmade photo album, a batch of his favourite cookies, or a DIY grooming kit, the effort you put in will be appreciated.
  1. Books and media If he's a reader, consider gifting him a book by his favourite author and maybe one of our thumb book holders, or a subscription to an audiobook service. For movie or music lovers, a collection of classic films or vinyl records might be just the ticket.
  1. Fitness and wellness: If he's health-conscious or enjoys staying active, consider gifts that support his fitness goals. This could be anything from a set of resistance bands to a new yoga mat or a high-quality blender for his smoothies.

Why might you want to choose a hand-crafted or personalised gift 🧐

There are several reasons, you might prefer to give a personalised gift - yes, we are biased!

  • Individuality Crafted items often boast distinct designs, ensuring that your gift stands out as a one-of-a-kind creation
  • Quality Handcrafted products are typically made with attention to detail and quality materials, guaranteeing longevity and durability
  • Personal touch Whether it’s a carved beech wood coaster or customised bottle opener, the personal touch infused into craft gifts adds sentimental value
  • Supporting artisans By opting for hand-crafted gifts, you’re not just purchasing an item; you’re also supporting independent artisans and craftspeople, fostering a culture of creativity and sustainability
  • Woodwork creations Woodworking encompasses a wide range of possibilities, from intricately carved sculptures and decorative items to functional pieces like cutting boards or bottle openers. Choose a piece that complements his style and interests.

Remember, the best gifts come from the heart, so put thought into your choice and consider what will bring a smile to his face.

And if you're ever in doubt, don't hesitate to contact us to see if we can accommodate your ideas. Craft gifts for men offer a delightful blend of creativity, craftsmanship, humour and sentimentality.

In a world often dominated by mass-produced goods, there’s something undeniably special about handcrafted gifts.



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