Personalised and sustainable wedding favours from Craftypups

Personalised and sustainable wedding favour collection

The history of wedding favours involves tradition, sustainability, and love

Not only do wedding favours give you an opportunity to enhance your table dressing, but they make unusual, thoughtful gifts that will be appreciated by all your guests and help to make sure your wedding day is remembered by everyone who made it so special for you.

Wooden fridge magnet bottle opener laser engraved with the couple's name and wedding date, plus a heart/infinity symbol

Wedding favours have a rich and fascinating history that varies from country to country. They are documented as far back as the Romans, who were rumoured to give guests small trinkets or tokens known as "bomboniere" to symbolise good luck and prosperity. In ancient Greece, it was customary for newlyweds to offer their guests almonds coated in honey, as a symbol of fertility, longevity, and sweetness in marriage. In more recent years, wedding favours have been given by newlyweds to demonstrate their appreciation to guests for attending their wedding, and to serve as a lasting memory of their wedding day. This centuries-old history of wedding favours is a testament to the enduring tradition of expressing gratitude and goodwill towards guests.

Personalised wedding coaster and place setting - slate round

The choice of wedding favour varies from candles, chocolates, match boxes, soap and miniature drinks to our preference of more sustainable and practical keepsakes such as our coasters, jewellery boxes, bottle openers, keyrings and even fridge magnets. At Craftypups, we use sustainably sourced beech and natural slate to create a range of sustainable wedding favours and gifts, all of which can be personalised to provide guests with a memorable and sustainable token of the newlyweds’ appreciation.

Personalised bottle opener gift

As couples continue to embrace new trends and customers, the tradition of wedding favours will undoubtedly continue to evolve, but its essence - a symbol of love, gratitude and hospitality - will remain timeless.

Personalised wedding keyring - favours

In a world often dominated by mass-produced goods, there’s something undeniably special about handcrafted gifts.


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