If you can't buy what you need - make it yourself!

Homemade IKEA peg board shelf and supports

One of the advantages of having a well equipped workshop, and a serious hoarding habit, is that you can generally make whatever you need from what you have lying around! We use peg boards to display our products at the Scottish Design Exchange, and after moving to a larger shelf space a couple of weeks ago, felt that we needed some small shelves to improve the display.

IKEA don't make shelves for this range, so Neil designed some brackets that would clip neatly into the board, and made them on our 3D printer. He then found some old perspex sheets in the garage and laser cut them to make 3 different lengths of shelving. They look fantastic, and we can't wait to try them out when we're next up in Glasgow's Buchanan Galleries store for a restock!

Here's a quick video of one of the new shelves being tried out in our stock room.